Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yay for CSS Coding?

Those of you who really know me know my current pet project is getting up a resume/ portfolio/ marketing website for the last three months and now it's up!! Yay!  I will start by saying that I have never, not ever taken a class or read a book that would teach me HTML, CSS, Java, Flash or anyother denomination or derivative of them to create something that actually functions on the internet.  Addittionaly no one would classify me as the most technalogically advanced person out there so it is with no small sense of pride that I can say look (on the interweb) at, I did that.  It may be the first thing I've ever tried to create in my entire artistic career that came out almost exactly as I was picturing it.  I will admit (to myself mostly) that the cause of that may be a limited imagination when it comes to webpage layout, but right now I don't care.  It's a sad sad day when you have to be thankful that you forced the knowledge equivalent of shredded wheat into your head by memorizing CSS short codes and attributes.  I taught myself website coding from the internet and colaged that together with my five year old knowledge of Creative Suite and I love it the finished product.  So visit, click every link everywhere (including this one) and enjoy.  Thanks for reading, visiting and everything else.

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